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Effervescence Cocktails by Vintur 🍸

During our parties at the domaine, Vintur and its guests celebrated the summer with home made cocktails, fresh and delicious concocted around our Effervescence sparkling wine!

L'Effervescence by Vintur, what is it exactly?

Sparkling Wine Brut Nature (Vin de France)

No addition of sugar

🍇 85% Bourboulenc, 15% Roussanne

Grapes from organic wine making, carefully hand-picked and cold pressed (6°C) to preserve all the freshness and delicacy. Tank method (Charmat method) used to obtain the sparkling.

Elegant aroma of white flowers and citrus blossom is lifted by a gentle effervescence. On the palate, the tiny bubbles explode to deliver crisp dry and mineral flavours of blossoming fruit trees and subtle citrus notes. They build and engulf your taste buds and linger to leave a well balanced and refreshing finish.

Comment le déguster?

Perfect for apéritif, alone or as a cocktail, as well as with light first course with sea food for instance.

Excellent to finish the meal... and to celebrate any occasions ! 🥂

As the summer is not over yet, we have decided to share with your our recipes!

🍊 The Classique Spritz

Aperol Spritz or Campari



A slice of grapefruit for the originality !

🍓 The Rossini

Strawberries (ripe and tasty) to press as a purée right before serving (add a bit of sugar if required)

Lime juice


Some basil at the end to decorate

🍑 The Bellini

Peaches (ripe and tasty) to press as a purée right before serving (add a bit of sugar if required

Lime juice


Mint at the end to decorate

The Cucumber

1 or 2h before serving:

In a pot, pour some lime juice, cucumber slices and mint leaves to brew

When serving, pour some of this mix in a glass filtering it at the same time


Mint and cucumber slices to decorate

Do not forget the ice cubes ...

L'abus d'alcool est dangereux pour la santé. À consommer avec modération.


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