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A busy and exciting time for Domaine Vintur! Show, harvest, sales and success!

The last 3 weeks have been picking such an active and busy time for Domaine Vintur! We kicked off the harvest on the 12 September at 5am, on a beautiful sunny day!

Our first picking was the Cinsault which going to become our future Rose 2018 100% organic! Then, on the 19 Sept, either then we continued with the harvest of the Roussanne and the Mourvedre. After spectacular dark, spicy Syrah, we then picked our flagship grapes Grenache Blanc and Grenache Noir early October. The harvest was conducted during a very warm autumn with temperatures reaching 34 degrees C.

By the 24th September, the Roussanne had begun a beautiful natural ferment. Then, on the 4th October, we completed with picking the Carignan and old Mourvedre which signalled the end of the harvest 2018. Since then, grape juice has become wine!

In the meantime in London, our sales team was busy doing events like our Private Wine Tasting in Mayfair on the 27 September and and The Wine & Spirits Show at the Royal HorseGuards Hotel on the 12/13 October.

We have been showing and promoting our full range of reds, whites, roses and sparkling and we have been incredibly pleased to feel the excitement and public response to our wines! We have received many orders and made lots of new converted AOC Ventoux drinker :)

We are now much looking forward to our next Private Wine Tasting recurrent events!

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