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Our Luna Selene 2014 given 90 points on the selective Wein-Plus guide Notre Luna Selene

Editor note for our white wine

Luna - Selene 2014:

Slightly developed, firm, herbaceous, delicately dried floral and a touch of bacon, with yellow fruit, yeasty, earthy and nutty notes and a hint of yellow spice. Ripe, firm, rather tart fruit, nutty, herbaceous and earthy notes, some peppery and some more yellow spice, yeasty traces, salty mineral notes, elegant, very lively acidity, slightly tannic touch, very good substance and persistence, very good, again quite firm, juicy, spicy and mineral finish with woody notes.


The Wein-Plus wine guide reflects only wines that have achieved a minimum score of 80 WP. Therefore, the range of 50-79 WP is not considered here. Wines that do not reach a minimum of 80 points are also tasted, assessed and described accurately, and the scores are considered as part of the overall winery classification, but are not published individually.

As mentioned, the 100-point rating system originated in the USA, and is based on the school grading system there, and is now widely used internationally. Today there are different views on how strictly this system should be interpreted. In recent years, one can observe there has been a gradual upward shift in the scores awarded, leading to an unnatural compression at the upper end of the system.

In Wein-Plus, the original, strict version is used, and the range of recommended wines starts with 80 WP. Please bear this grading practice constantly in mind if you use our guide, as this is essential for understanding the ratings.


80-84 WP

Good:Clean, generally harmonious, at best typical wines with a certain character. In most cases, already a real pleasure to drink. Entry-level wines that appear in this category may already be considered to be well above average, but where wines from top-quality producers appear in this category, this is an indication of certain faults or weaknesses.

85-89 WP

Very good:Remarkable wines with personality, expression and certain complexity and depth that deserve the attention of any discerning wine lover.

90-94 WP

Excellent:First-class wines that are among the best of their kind. Absolutely clean aromas, harmony, depth and character must be achieved.

95-99 WP

Great:World-class wines that maintain their depth, complexity and expression - an unforgettable sensory experience.

100 WP

Unique:Wines that could be made differently, but cannot be improved upon.



Tasting Team - Marcus Hofschuster

Marcus Hofschuster is the chief taster as well as the editor-in-chief at Wein-Plus. 
He first showed his intense interest in wine, and in German wine in particular, as a young man when he had the opportunity to taste some mature Riesling wines from the cellar of a friend, in the late 1980‘s. In the following two decades, he used extensive travel as well as countless tastings to acquire a profound knowledge of the world of wine.

In his time as a wine merchant in Schwabach and in Nuremberg in Germany he developed the idea of producing a comprehensive wine guide to both German and international wines, an idea he implemented in 1999: he gave up his wine business, and since then has concentrated his efforts exclusively on the Wein-Plus wine guide, which he established and expanded, turning it into a fixture in the field of European wine reviews. With its strict rating system, the through and uncompromising tasting practice and his incorruptibility, Marcus Hofschuster has set new standards for serious tastings dedicated to true wine quality

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