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Domaine Vintur gets ready for the Tour de France

This year's Tour de France will start in Yorkshire, where our winemaker James Wood was born and raised!

At Domaine Vintur, given our close proximity with the Ventoux, we are big fans of the Tour de France! We even dedicated some of our wines to the women and men who accomplished the epic journey up the Ventoux.

This year is even more special to us, as it starts in Yorkshire, where James (Vintur's winemaker) grew up. Domaine Vintur will then be present in Yorkshire next week for the kick off of this great cycle journey from Leeds to Paris, for some tasting of our current and new products being released soon!

We even got some media coverage ! Follow the link below for an articles starring our winemaker, and our region, the Ventoux.

Click here for the exclusive interview with James on

Stay tuned for more news from Domaine Vintur, as we are getting closer to releasing more great wines. Also keep an eye on this website for information on the different activities we organise at the Domaine.

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